5 DIY Hacks for Roman Blinds Cleaning

Roman blinds are wonderful window dressers that bring in instant smartness and elegance to your rooms and spaces. They have a touch of the old with the new and always add a lot of class to the overall ambience with a clean and calm effect. They stand to complement but can look a bad sight if not properly maintained and cleaned. Just as they can be eye-catching dirty Roman blinds can mar the entire look. If you periodically schedule Curtain Cleaning Hobart services, your blinds will look beautifully presentable at all times.

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Cleaning the blinds is a must for homes or offices and it is not that tough. You can clean them while they are pretty much on the window. You don’t have to call Curtain cleaners Hobart experts at every instance and manage on your own. This article will guide you on some DIY hacks for your blind cleaning so that you can do a job as good as any Professional curtain cleaning Hobart specialist.

  1. Regularize Roman blind care by dusting and vacuuming

Regular upkeep goes a long way in keeping blinds well-maintained. Frequent dusting will keep the blinds spotlessly clean. Simply take a feather duster or white dusting cloth. Open the blinds fully and hold from the bottom to keep the fabric taut and start dusting in a top-down approach like you would do curtains. Feather dusters work best for delicate fabric blinds. For other fabrics, the blinds may be cleaned with an upholstery attachment of a vacuum cleaner found in most homes.

Give attention to those areas which have darker lines of dust due to being kept open in one direction for a longer time. Also, clean along the base of blinds which is prone to more dust gathering. Once you have dusted well, observe carefully whether there have been any marks or spots on the blinds. Trained Curtain Cleaning Hobart experts have the skill to immediately detect spots in folds of blinds.

  1. Removing stains on your roman blinds using detergent or dishwashing soap

Blinds develop stains and marks from human activity and atmospheric changes and subsequent staining. To avoid any harm to delicate fabrics you can start cleaning the blinds with care and by using a mild cleaning solution.  Like curtains check the manufacturer’s label for suggestions before you begin cleaning.

If you want results like Curtain cleaners Hobart professional with a damp towel gently blot the blinds while they are in place in an inconspicuous area to sure that no marks form. Then blot out the stain. Add a bit of dishwashing soap and blot but do not rub. Once the spot is gone, rinse with clean water. Use an almost dry towel to wipe.

  1. Removing spots using store-bought stain remover

Roman blinds since come in different materials, it is obvious different stain removers will work on it also depending on type of spots or stains. So read the label before purchasing the remover and always pre check in a small area before using it. If it is safe and you have the right remover apply on spot using a soft tooth brush and you will see success. Never scratch or over rub.

  1. Removing moulds

Blinds are made of different kinds of fabric and many absorb moisture from humid weather and develop moulds that can be health risks. Simply spray a solution of white vinegar and water in 1:4 ratios after taking down the blinds and laying them flat. Allow the spray to stand for a few minutes. Blot the solution wiping clean the mould. Clean area with clean fresh water and allow them to air dry before putting them back. You can also substitute vinegar usage by using a blend of half cup borax in two cups of hot water and apply this on the area using a sponge. Rinse with water preferably in minimal amount. You may damp well a clean cloth and clean it. Allow to air dry before putting blinds back to the window. If you do this well your blinds will resemble serviced by like Professional curtain cleaning Hobart experts!

  1. Washing and Steam cleaning roman blinds

Read the instruction label properly. If they permit a wash take down blinds and remove pins or attachments. Use a gentle detergent to wash the blinds. Rinse well and hang back to dry.

For a deep cleansing and disinfecting cleaning steam cleaning is ideal which is provided by service companies. You may also use a hand held steam cleaner keeping the nozzle close to the blind and working top down. Keep a distance of a few inches away when using it. This method is best left to professionals. This removes all germs and other pathogenic substances and completely disinfects your roman blinds.

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