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Simply Curtain cleaning Rokeby  is the best blinds cleaning service provider. We are here to serve blinds related services with utmost care and dedication.

Blinds are one of those things that we use everyday in our homes, but we hate it when we have to clean them! Why? Well, because they’re blinds and blinds need a lot of hard work. Blinds are typically made of wood, metal or plastic, and blinds cleaning is pretty difficult to do.

Simply curtain cleaning Rokeby blinds cleaners follow a blinds cleaning process that begins with blinds inspection. Our blind expert identifies the best way to clean blinds using proper tools and equipment’s. After blind inspection, blind cleaner wipes blinds by using blind cleaning solution. This helps in removing dust, dirt and other pollutants from blinds. Then blind cleaner wipes blind with cold water to rinse off the cleaning solution.

Blinds are made from different types of fabrics which needs special care to keep them clean. You can carry blinds cleaning Rokeby by yourself. Here are some tips for blinds cleaning.

1) To blinds cleaning, start with blinds being completely lowered and resting on the sill or wall mounts where applicable

2) Vacuum blinds thoroughly, making sure to get in between the blind slats.

3) Next, wash blinds using a mild detergent solution and water for blinds cleaning . Use a soft brush or sponge to clean blinds from top downward. Rinse with clear water when done.

4) You can soak blinds in a bucket of clear water with white vinegar for blinds cleaning . Let it rest overnight in the solution after which you can rinse blinds well.

5) Dry blinds by wiping each slat or blade at a time to avoid any spotting, streaking or staining on blinds during blinds cleaning .

Blinds cleaning is not difficult. It just requires some patience and care. If you need blinds cleaning service then contact Simply curtain cleaning Rokeby

Why choose Us?

  • Professional blind cleaners
  • Reasonable prices
  • Services available 24/7
  • Weekend blind cleaning service available
  • Insurance work welcome
  • No deposit required for blind cleaning job
  • We have years of blinds cleaning experience
  • From blinds steam cleaning to blinds dry cleaning, we do it all!

Simply curtain cleaning Rokeby offer blind cleaning, drapes/curtain/lace/blinds cleaning and blind repair service in the Rokeby area. Call  61361214294 for a blind cleaning quote today.

Benefits of blinds cleaning Rokeby

– It keeps blinds in good condition

– Luxurious blinds cleaning Rokeby endows you to use blinds again and again.

Blinds cleaning Rokeby is made easier by hiring professional blind cleaners. We offer blind cleaning, drapes/curtain/lace/blinds cleaning and blind repair service in the Rokeby area.

Blinds Cleaning Rokeby – FAQ

1. What blinds cleaning products do blind cleaners use?

We use a pH balanced non acidic, phosphate free blind cleaner. It is the same type of blind cleaner used in blinds manufacturing plants. The product has been tested and approved for exclusive use on blinds.

2. Is steam cleaning good for blinds?

Steam blinds cleaning is not good for blinds. We recommend blinds dry cleaning or blinds water extraction.

3. How do blind cleaners clean blinds?

We clean blind by dusting the blind from top downward with a tack cloth, vacuuming thoroughly and then washing blind in solution before rinsing and drying.

4. Should blinds be dry cleaned?

Yes, We recommends blinds to be dry cleaning.

5. How often should blinds be cleaned?

There is no required time for blind cleaning. You can clean blind as soon as you see them dirty or dusty. Blind cleaners recommend blinds cleaning every 6 to 12 months depending on blind usage and accessibility.

6. How long does blind cleaning take?

Blind cleaning takes between 1 to 2 hours depending on blind size and blind type.

7. Can blinds be cleaned in a dry cloth or will they be damaged?

Yes, blinds can be cleaned in a dry cloth as long as the blind is  not dusty.

8. How much blind cleaners charge to clean blinds?

Blind cleaning cost varies depending on blind size, blind type and blind location. It is best to get a blind cleaning quote before starting blinds cleaning Rokeby. Blind Cleaners Rokeby has the best blind cleaners in the business so you are guaranteed quality blind cleaning service and blind cleaning quote.

9. Has blinds cleaning Rokeby been around for a long time?

Blinds have been around since the ancient times and blind cleaners have increased tremendously in number as well! Hire blind cleaner Rokeby today and you will be guaranteed great blind cleaning service at the best rates.

10. Will my blinds be blind cleaner Rokeby same after blinds cleaning?

Yes, We will restore the look of your blinds to its best form with blinds cleaning Rokeby.

11. Is there a better way of cleaning blinds other than blind cleaners?

There is no other effective way of making blinds spotless and dust free other than hiring blind cleaning services.

12. Who hires blind cleaners?

Anyone who has blinds can hire blind cleaners as it is very affordable and efficient way of blinds cleaning Rokeby . It’s the best method to make blinds look new again.

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