How to Maintain Fabric Curtains

Curtains are made from different fabrics depending on the needs and requirements.  Although there are many types of window coverings available in the market, still property-owners prefer using curtains due to their aesthetic appeal and the value addition they make to your property.

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However, curtain cleaning in Hobart can be an arduous task.

In this blog, we have stated everything about the maintenance required for fabric curtains. So, read on to know more about the details.

Various curtain fabrics and their maintenance tips-

Here we have listed different cleaning methods for cleaning different types of curtain fabrics.

  • Cotton curtains-

Cotton curtains are favorites among property owners due to their comfort and versatile look. These curtains are a perfect blend of luxury and a relaxing feel. However, as cotton is a natural fiber, it is vulnerable to shrinkage and discoloration. Hence, you need to clean it with cold water and mild detergent. If you choose warm or cold water, then this might lead to shrinkage or discoloration. Hence, it is better to use cold water to avoid shrinkage of curtains.

  • Lace curtains-

Lace is a beautiful fabric which is used in curtains to elevate their look and feel. For cleaning these curtains, you can shake them outdoors for loosening the surficial dirt, dust and grime. Then soak it in soap water to remove blemishes, stains and other particles.  You can use lukewarm water with mild detergent for washing lace curtains. Make sure that you handle these curtains gently without rubbing them harshly. Also, these curtains can dry easily in a fresh breeze.

  • Linen curtains-

Linen curtains are popular in both commercial and residential properties. However, you need to read the manufacturer’s guide before you clean these curtains. However, these can generally be cleaned with machine wash or hand wash.  Also, using cold water for linen curtain cleaning is a good idea.  Also, make sure that you dry them in fresh air.

  • Velvet curtains-

Velvet curtains add an elegant look to your home. However, they are heavy.  Hence, you need to check the manufacturer’s instructions before you start cleaning them with a hand wash or machine wash. Also, you can consider appointing experts for curtain cleaning in Hobart to make sure that the results of curtain cleaning are as expected and that you do not get your curtains damaged.

  • Silk curtains-

Silk curtains add luxury and great aesthetic appeal. Although you can wash them by yourself, still if they are embroidered, then they may shrink, tighten up or get damaged. Hence, you need to use gentle cleansers for cleaning your silk curtains. Also, you can consider trusting the experts for curtain cleaning in Hobart to ensure that you get optimum results.

The experts work with advanced tools, machinery and equipment to ensure that your curtains are cleaned thoroughly without any type of damage or destruction.

Here are some more factors which you need to consider about curtain cleaning in Hobart-

  • Check the lining material as it can be different from your curtain material. While washing, you need to consider cleaning the lining material as well.
  • Consider washing dark curtains separately without mixing them with lighter shade curtains as they might colour-bleed.
  • Avoid washing your drapes and curtains rigorously as you might end up damaging the fabric rather than cleaning it.
  • Make sure that you check the guidelines given by the manufacturer for cleaning the material. This can help you to understand the right cleaning method for your curtains.

Choosing the cleaning method for curtain cleaning in Hobart can be a daunting task. Hence, it is advisable to hire expert and well-trained curtain cleaners in Hobart for the best results.

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