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The best technique for curtains depends on the fabric of the curtains and overall damages or dirt. You need to check the fabric and decide which technique will be the best. However, steam cleaning is an effective method to remove germs and bacterias and make your curtains bright but again it depends on your curtain quality.
Yes. Our professionals at Simply Curtain Cleaning Hobart can clean all types of curtains including delicate silk curtains. Also, we handle all types of curtains with the utmost care, no matter how delicate your curtain is, we can clean it safely. We use eco-friendly and safe cleaning solutions that protect the fabric's colour and softness.
Yes. Our dedicated team works round the clock and we are available for cleaning services on weekends and public holidays too. You can book our services any day and call us at any hour. Our services are flexible and as per customer's convenience.
You must clean the curtains professionally at least twice a year. This makes your curtains shine bright. Also, it sustains the life of your curtain. If you clean the curtains regularly, you may not need to replace them in years.
Yes. Simply Curtain Cleaning Hobart offers excellent blind cleaning for all types and sizes of blinds. Contact us soon to book hassle-free blind cleaning services. You can also search for curtain cleaning near me for booking.
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