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In the living room, in the bedrooms, and at times in the kitchen, the curtains embellish your windows and doors, omit outside commotion, regulate the light and offer privacy. But, as time passes, they get dirty as they absorb dust and even grease. Therefore, you have to clean them at least once a quarter, or for the less dirty ones, maybe two time a year.

Cleanliness of curtains gives a visual beauty, as well as maintains hygiene at the office or home environment. Curtain cleaning might seem to be an easy task; however, it is not as it seems to be due to the huge difference in fabric and the type of stains and dirt, which settles over it with time. Thus, every curtain is different and must be treated in a way depending on its features.

Are you looking for same-day curtain cleaning services in Hobart? Then you have come to the right place. We at Simply Curtain Cleaning Hobart make your curtains shiny and squeaky clean as ever. Our team of experts will help you put your curtains back into their original form, look fresh, smell good, and refined texture. Also, our experts provide cleaning to various types of curtains such as home curtain cleaning, velvet curtain cleaning, nylon curtain cleaning, XL curtain cleaning, lounge curtain cleaning, etc. across Hobart.

Why Simply Curtain Cleaning Hobart?

At Simply Curtain Cleaning in Hobart, we understand how precious your curtains are for you and so we inspect the condition of the curtains first, to perform the required and suitable process to clean them while we take care of their fabric. Our dedicated professionals are equipped with the latest gadgets, eco-friendly cleaning products. We have received the satisfaction and appreciation of all our clients over the years.

Moreover, following the path of satisfying our clients by meeting all their requirements, along with same-day curtain cleaning services, we have also introduced other facilities, which will enable our clients to get access to our services whenever required. Those services include:

Handle every type of curtains, regardless of their fibres

Reasonable and quality curtain cleaning services

Round the clock services, working on weekends and public holidays

24×7 emergency and Same Day curtain cleaning in Hobart

Use only biodegradable products and eco-friendly techniques

Free curtain drops down and rehang service

Use the latest technology

Offer next day curtain cleaning in Hobart in unfavorable weather conditions too

Facilitate easy and efficient curtain cleaning services

Simply Curtain Cleaning in Hobart should always be your first choice as our aim is the complete satisfaction of our customers; providing emergency curtain cleaning services with no shrinkage or no colour fade guaranteed. With our unmatchable services, we make your surroundings 100% germ-free.

To avail of our special services, you’ll have to contact us on our helpline number mentioned on the website and schedule an appointment. One of our representatives will provide you with different time slots and you can choose the one that is most convenient for you. Also, our experts will recommend you with suitable methods to clean your curtains; be rest assured we do not charge any additional amount for our Same Day Curtain Cleaning Hobart services.

Our IICRC certified cleaners will reach your doorsteps in no time and will take care of all your curtain cleaning needs.

Furthermore, we offer our emergency curtain cleaning in Hobart performed by our skilled and qualified experts equipped with the necessary machinery. Our emergency cleaning team will attend to any unforeseen event, which may arise on an everyday basis. Thus, be it any type of curtain; get in touch with our experts over the phone!


1. Can you clean the curtains where they hang?

Yes, we can dry/ steam clean your curtains where there are hang. However, if you want to thoroughly clean your curtains to remove stains and odor, then it may not be possible because the equipment used in the professional cleaning process is not portable.

2. Will my curtain shrink after deep cleaning?

Professionally cleaned curtains must have a cleaning label attached on the corner of the curtain, which indicates a possible minimum shrinkage of not more than 3% after cleaning. We follow a unique process that enables us to maintain the stability of fabric in almost every instance; therefore, the risk of shrinkage is minimal.

3. How often should I clean my curtain?

In order to maintain a healthy environment cleaning curtains, it is recommended every five years. If your curtain is exposed to high traffic you may require professional same day curtain cleaning very soon.

4. What all types of curtain fabrics do you clean?

At Simply Curtain Cleaning Hobart, our experts can clean any type of curtain fabric professionally. We clean different types of curtain fabrics such as linen, Velvet, Brocade, Polyester, Cotton, Silk, Lace, and also Blackout curtains. With the help of the best cleaning products and high-technologies, we provide our same-day curtain cleaning in Hobart. Contact us today to get fast services at your place.

5. How do I remove normal stains out of my curtain?

It is simple. You can take white vinegar solution, one cup of lemon juice, and baking soda. Mix these ingredients into a small bucket. Put the curtains into the bucket, filled with solution, and leave it for at least thirty minutes. After 30 minutes, hand wash the curtains rub the stained areas of curtains to get the best result. But, this will help only to remove normal immediate stains and not the tough stains. For tough stains, you can hire professionals.


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