The easy way to care for your curtains

Curtains need to be cleaned at regular intervals to keep them in the best condition. Along with weekly vacuuming the window covering using a high-quality vacuum, you should even hire a professional curtain cleaning services provider every year. Periodic curtain cleaning Hobart service ensures that the curtains are in good condition for a long.

Curtain Cleaning Services for Commercial & Residential

While cleaning and caring for curtains may seem a trickier and daunting task. But it is easier than you think. Assigning some time to clean the curtains will extend their lifespan. If you do not care for the curtains, then the fibers may get damaged, and you would require purchasing a new one. 

To get your curtain look as good as new, follow this easy-to-follow guide.

Step-By-Step Curtain Care and Curtain Cleaning Hobart Guide

Always measure the curtains before washing. Remove hook, weight, and loosen the tapes so that they can be washed with ease.

Professional curtain cleaning services providers always suggest dusting the curtain before washing. You can dust them by putting them in a dryer at a no-heat cycle. If you do not want to put them in the dryer, then shake them. Lay them flat and dust with the vacuum brush attachment,

Avoid overloading the washing machine. Always bear in mind that the curtain will become heavier after getting wet.

If you opt for hand washing, do not rub the fabric too hard, gently agitate to loosen the dirt and dust.

Dry the curtain on parallel laundry lines. Do not let the curtain rest on the roof, wood, or other surfaces that may stain them. 

Iron the window covering while damp. If the fabric is dried, dampen the surface using a water spray and iron it. 

Stretch the curtain seams gently while ironing to avoid creasing, spread them out on a clean surface and pull them to the exact size.

After the curtains dry, insert hooks, weights, and pull the tape to the correct width.

You can even use a handheld steamer or a vertical steaming machine to steam iron. 

Before rehanging the curtains, clean the curtain rod. Vacuum the valance using a crevice tool. If you have a plastic valance, you can clean it using a sponge and liquid detergent. 

Rehang the curtains. To make the curtain rehanging process easier, you can get help from another person. 

There you have it step by step guide to care for your curtains. If you feel that cleaning and rehanging curtains are too much for you to handle, without any hesitation, hire a professional curtain cleaning services provider. Professionals are trained, experienced, and proficient in cleaning and rehanging curtains.

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